Stephanie's Testimonial

Since my wife Stephanie did not train with me so Unfortunately I cannot take any credit for her fitness success. She trained with my dear friend and a mentor Christine Boss who is amazing at what she does. Her information is linked under doctors and nutrition if you are interested to read about her. But we both Christine and I work as a team in getting my clients the results through proper nutrition, hormone balance and efficient workout programs.


A Mothers Fitness Journey


by Stephanie Viator


I am a 43 year old married to Faraz Khan, mother of two,  and in the best shape and health ever.  My fitness journey began two years ago when I found myself profoundly unhappy with the way I felt and looked.  I had gained weight after getting married, and even more so after having my children.  I really believed that 40 was too old to start making a substantial difference. 

That was when I found Christina Boss  

 A licensed pharmacist, Chris' unique combination of expertise in the areas of biochemistry/hormone replacement, anti-inflammatory nutrition and resistance training proved invaluable to my transformation.  My first step was learning what should and shouldn't be on any meal plan.  Then I added strength training to my program.  Using her knowledge of human physiology, Chris guided me through my nutritional learning and strength training sessions.  When starting with her, I weighed 185lbs. and was at 36% body fat.  Within a year I was down to 153 lbs. and 25% body fat.  Through this process, Chris became much more than someone I met up with, she became a mentor and a friend. She encouraged me to take my fitness journey to the next level.  Chris had competed for many years as a natural bodybuilder, and supported me fully in my decision to follow in her footsteps.


It was at this time that I began to apply body building principles more seriously and strictly to my fitness and food regimen.  This decision was one of the best I have made.  Over the next year, through dedication, focus and proper trainer guidance, I was able to reach a weight of 129lbs. and 10% body fat, and compete in my first body building competition!  In order to get ready for the competition.