When I first met Faraz he was my professor for my exercise science and personal training course. after the first day of class I was so thankful that he was my professor. I could tell that when he spoke about things that he was genuinely passionate about it and had real life experience and not just things from the text book to share with the class.

As a professor he was very animated, interactive, and was very good about keeping the class engaged by  showing us articles, videos, teaching us about the culture and also putting us in the actual environment of a gym to demonstrate  techniques that he has learned along the way. He even went as far as  inviting each student individually to shadow him at work. someway, somehow after I shadowed him at work we decided that he would become my coach for my first fitness competition.

I personally have been a coach for gymnastics and dance for 14 years although I have a lot of experience in coaching and things related to fitness I made the choice to go with Faraz because the man is a walking talking encyclopedia of workouts, nutrition and supplements.

Every time I train with him he throws something new at me which is key for my personality to stay engaged. I also like being held accountable, I like being pushed to my limits and passed it and I simply just enjoy Faraz as a human being he has become my friend and confidant as well.  As a coach myself I admire his commitment, passion, open mindedness, patients and knowledge ; as his athlete I feel like he is setting me up for success and truely has my best interest in mind .he takes the time to see how I am doing physically mentally and spiritually. He asks questions and listens to what I have to say and works off of that. As my coach I love that he is flexible about what ever I have going on but he is on top of the training program and stays on track with the progress.

He is so polite so well mannered and extremely professional I respect the man and trust him completely with my fitness competition career and I am so blessed to be able to call him my coach