How Heart Rate Monitor is beneficial during workout!!

I am a firm believer in Heart rate monitors.

Heart Rate monitor


Heart rate monitor helps me monitor my clients physical condition and it also guides me through their workout to keep them in the required fat burning zone or endurance zone. I know some people disagree with me about the use of Heart rate monitor. They claim that it is such a pain to put it on and also we can gauge our heart rate by how we feel? or they would do the radial pulse check to calculate the Heart rate zone?

Why waste so much precious time during a workout? I would use this tool to get a more constructive and more productive workout. 

To calculate the Heart zones you take 220 minus the age. That would be your Maximal Heart rate.

220-AGE = Maximal Heart rate

Now once you have your Maximal Heart rate than you can multiply it by the target zone. Depending on what zone  you are looking for? is it subcutaneous fat burning zone or more endurance zone?

So, for endurance we  take Maximal Heart rate (times)* 0 .95 = endurance zone and for fat burning zone we take Maximal Heart rate (times)* 0.85 = Fat burn zone

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