“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”
— Jim Ryan

I am 41 years of age. I received my degree in Kinesiology from the University of Houston. Growing up a "skinny and awkward" kid, I used weight training and nutrition to build the body I wanted. I have remained passionate about the health and fitness, and I strive to make it a part of everyday life for myself, my family and for my clients.

I am confident that my clients journey into the worlds of cardio strength and power training will be enlightening, effective, and character building. I believe that personal fitness journeys are not easy ones. They involve commitment and hard work. However, in the end, it is always worth every bit of sweat and effort.

My Personal Fitness Journey

In this picture I am 20 years old. I start to notice that my mid section or abdominal area was losing it's tone and muscle. I weighed 170 lbs with 20% body fat and lean muscle mass of 130 lbs. I knew I had to do something to change my physique and my personal fitness.

Now I am 40 and by far in the best shape of my life. I am 165 lbs with 10% body fat and 145 lbs of lean muscle mass. I started adjusting my diet and my workouts to create the body I wanted. The key to reaching your fitness goal is to have specific resistance training and healthy eating.