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Christine Boss studied Biomedical Science as an undergraduate at Texas A&M Univ. and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Univ. of Houston College of Pharmacy.

She completed her internship at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital, holds a certificate in Diabetes Disease State Management from The Univ. of Texas and is a Licensed Pharmacist.

Christine studied Advanced Hormone Optimization under world expert Dr. Neal Rouzier MD. By spending her lifetime intensely devoted to Human Physiology and Biochemistry she has been able to help people optimize their hormones, diet and exercise to transform their health and looks for over 25 years.

She serves as a test Examiner for PFIT, the only hands-on professional fitness training school in Houston and is a mentor for Kinesiology Interns for Sam Houston State. She has also served as a preceptor for Pharmacy School Interns.  As a Natural Pro Bodybuilder, Christine proves that proper nutrition and diet DO work by competing as a bodybuilder at 50+ years old.


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Being a Pro Natural Bodybuilder has given me the opportunity to apply the science of food, exercise and hormones to help myself and clients create a sculpted as well as healthy body. There are thousands of legitimate mainstream documented scientific therapies to help maintain optimal health and slow aging. Why not take ADVANTAGE of the EXISTING medical literature to improve the chances of living longer in good health? This is called Evidence Based Medicine.


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